DOUBLE GOLD Sonoma County Harvest Fair 2021.

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Our signature jam. We've spent the last five years working with these tiny cherry-size wild plums from our Owl Orchard, and have perfected what we think, dare we say it, is the yummiest plum jam, ever! Yep, we're sayin' it. This jam does not disappoint. The plums from this part of the property are the first to ripen, historically the last few days of June so we're always elbows deep into plums over the Fourth of July holiday. But that's fine by us as the reward is a lovely coral-hued jam with oodles and oodles of plum flavor. Less tart than its neighboring plums in our Dog Run Orchard, these pint-sized orbs have a softer acidity which makes for an outstanding jam. We slather this on sweet to savory, and everything in between. Oh, and take a peek at the last image to see how this orchard got its name.


Our jams have no preservatives in them so they must be kept refrigerated at all times (even unopened) to maintain freshness and prevent spoiling. Stir before use. 9 ounces (255g).

Wild Plum Jam - Owl Orchard

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