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GOLD Sonoma County Harvest Fair 2021. 

A beloved apple in Sonoma County, Gravensteins have been growing in this area since the 1800s. They are the first apple to ripen in the county and its season is short. So we work fast to harvest as many as we can from our orchard and then glean more from neighboring orchards in Sebastopol to make this beautifully fragrant and sweet jelly. Gravensteins are cooked and then the juice drained to yield a blush pink syrupy liquid that's cooked down even further. Half way through reduction, we add in freshly grated Gravensteins for texture and added apple flavor. Serve on your morning pancakes or alongside a crispy pork chop.

Our jams have no preservatives in them so keep refrigerated at all times (even unopened) to maintain freshness and prevent spoiling. Consume within 1-3 months. Stir before use. 9 ounces (255g).

Gravenstein Apple Jelly

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