Our classic Citrus Preserve combines our two favorite citrus fruits in one delicious spread. We used organic Navel oranges and Meyer Lemons, picked at the height of their season in late January.  The peel, pulp, and juice was combined with a minimal amount of sugar and heady vanilla bean paste to achieve a chunky, marmalade-like jam that is just at home with savory dishes as it is with sweet. 

We love to slather it on halibut before baking, and this jam makes a great condiment to a festive baked ham. Spread generously on a warm scone, brioche french toast or incorporate into a dark chocolate brownie batter for the classic orange and chocolate pairing. It's terrific with wheat whiskey or bourbon in a riff on a sour, or a tequila sunrise. 

Our jams have no preservatives in them so best to keep refrigerated at all times (even unopened) to maintain freshness and prevent spoiling. Stir before use. Consume within 1-2 months. 9 ounces (255g).

Citrus Preserve

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