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DOUBLE GOLD Sonoma County Harvest Fair 2021.

Perfectly just-ripe Bartlett pears from our 40-year-old trees are cooked with fresh and crystallized ginger, locking in a sweet and zesty flavor in this dreamy jam. Using the French method, we soak the pear pieces and crystallized ginger in pure cane sugar and lemon juice for 24 hours. This releases their sweet juices and natural pectin. It's cooked quickly at a high temperature to preserve the fresh flavor of the pear and ginger. Before the bubbling hot mixture is jarred, we stir in freshly grated ginger and cook for only 2-3 minutes longer, no more. Savor on a warm, buttery croissant or swirl in to vanilla ice cream.

Our jams have no preservatives in them so they must be kept refrigerated at all times (even unopened) to maintain freshness and prevent spoiling. Consume in 1-3 months. Stir before use. 9 ounces (255g)

Bartlett Pear & Ginger Jam

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