"Spending time in the orchard here on our property or out in one the county's residential farms is my happy place. Just like fine wine, the soil, topography, climate, and human touch—the terroir if you will—plays such a critical role in the profile of the finished jam."

—Tanya Seibold, Chief Jammer and Jar Washer

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I was born on the 14th day in June. That was an easy one. Also, I used to spend my summers in England when I was growing up as my mother is from there.  According to an old English superstition, the number of magpies seen tells if one will have good luck or bad luck. It goes from 1 to 13, then stops. I’d like to think the 14th magpie would bring the best luck of all.

One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret never to be told, Eight for a wish, Nine for a kiss, Ten a surprise you should be careful not to miss, Eleven for health, Twelve for wealth, Thirteen beware, it's the devil himself. 

John Brand, English antiquarian and Church of England clergyman ca 1780


I'd like to think our jams embody all of the qualities that magpies do:       


Very social

Our jams are a terrific condiment for breakfast staples like pastries, scones, pancakes, yogurt and alike, but are also great pals with savory foods like grilled meats, poultry, charcuterie, and cheese. Try adding them to your favorite craft cocktail in place of simple syrup for a fresh-from-the-orchard burst of fruit flavor.  Or, if you’re like us, by the spoonful straight from the jar!  


Strong and assertive; risk takers

We're not bashful when it comes to the fruit-forward notes of our jams. And our well-traveled, global palates allows us to seek out unique flavor combinations which highlight fruits and spices at their finest. 


Inquisitive and a bit naughty at times

We are indeed, as we're always tinkering in the kitchen, testing heaps of ingredients to create new fruit, veg and herb combinations that can only be described as truly moreish. Some may even say it's a naughty (but nice) indulgence of the bold flavors reflecting the essence of each fruit. 


Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Pastes, and Marmalades


Jam, at its most basic definition, is a universal term used to describe whole fruit(s) cut into pieces or crushed, then heated with water and sugar to activate its pectin before being put into containers. However, there's more to 'jam' then meets the mouth. ;>)

JAM: fruit pulp or crushed fruit surrounded by a light jelled juice. 

​PRESERVES: pieces of fruit in a gel or syrup. Preserves will have more fruit than a jam will. 

​JELLY: primarily fruit juice concentrated to form a firm yet giggly texture. Jelly has the smoothest consistency and we often add pieces or strips of fruit or zest.

​MARMALADE: a type of preserve generally made with citrus fruits. May include thin strips of the fruit’s zest or rind but can be made from the pulp of the fruit as well. 

​FRUIT PASTE:  firm, semi-opaque preserves that have a high-fruit and sugar content. Quince Paste (or Membrillo) is the most common fruit paste you'll find in the cheese section or jam aisle.

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