Frequently Asked Questions

How much sugar do you add to the jams?

Our jams are made with HALF the sugar of most traditional jams. Per pound of fruit, we opt to use 1 cup pure cane sugar whereas as most jams on the market use 2 or more cups. We like to keep the fruit flavors front and center and not masked with a sugary-sweet taste. Our Wild Plum Dog Run Orchard Jam in particular has a nice bright zing, showcasing all the wonderful plum-forward notes of the fruit.

How long will the jams last?

Our jams should be *kept refrigerated at all times* to prevent spoiling since they are low sugar and contain no preservatives. Average shelf life is 1-3 months if kept in a dry, cool place. We recommend eating the Gravenstein Apple Jelly and Pear & Ginger Jams first as they have the least amount of sugar and shortest shelf life. We preserve our jams with a traditional "wet" canning method where we submerge the jars in a very hot water bath (120F) after filling and sealing. Our lids are metal with a self-sealing plastisol inner liner to give extra protection from air. But honestly, most of our jams never last long....they get gobbled up right away! Tip: always keep the jar's rim clean and free from jam deposits to prevent any bacteria from forming.

Do you use pectin?

Yes, we use LSP (Low Sugar Pectin) for all of our jams. It's a commercial grade and is all-natural, citrus based, organic, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. Using a LSP allows us to *cut the sugar in half* as compared to most traditional jams and still achieve a really nice "set" without all the sugar!

Where do you get your fruit?

We source as much of the fruit from our 5.5-acre property as possible. We have heirloom varieties of all sorts of fruits, along with traditional varieties....some 40 years or older. Growing in the orchard right now are 3 fig trees (Blonde and Brown Turkey), 3 pear trees (Bartletts), 3 apple trees (Gravenstein, Spitzenburg), 2 quince trees (Pineapple variety) and 18 different plum trees such as Santa Rosa Plum, Mirabelle, French Prune, Thundercloud, Trailblazer, and some yet to be identified--truly wild plums. We also have wonderful friends and neighbors who graciously allow us to glean from their orchards and residential farms as well. We "rescue" fruits that would otherwise go to waste and/or rot away. Any herbs used in the jams are from our own herb garden too!

FREE Delivery! Really? How does that work?

Yes, really. We offer FREE DELIVERY in Sonoma County. We bring our jams straight to your doorstep via a no-contact delivery. If you need your jams sooner than what's listed below, please reach out to discuss alternate delivery dates and we'll do our best to accomodate you. If you will not be home at the time of delivery, please let us know in advance so we can pop an ice pack into the box. Our jams ought to be refrigerated at all times to maintain freshness as they are low sugar and contain no preservatives. Fall Schedule: West: Sebastopol, Occidental, Forestville, Guerneville, Graton, Bodega Bay Thursday afternoons | noon-4pm East: Rincon Valley, Bennett Valley, Skyhawk, Fountain Grove, Annadel, Kenwood, Glen Ellen, Sonoma Friday mornings | 9:00am-noon South: Santa Rosa Central, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Penngrove, Petaluma Friday afternoons | noon-4pm