The Full Story


Organically grown fruits and vegetables are gleaned in small batches at the peak of their season.

Using traditional European jam-making techniques, we create flavor-forward jams and preserves pure in ingredients and taste. 


We lovingly produce each batch by hand, in very small quantities. Depending on the fruit, a typical batch yields under 18 jars. This micro-canning method ensures each pound of produce from a particular lot is canned and set with a minimal amount of pure cane sugar, harnessing as much of the natural pectin as possible. Always chasing the balance between sweet and tart, our jams are never overly sugared.         We believe the true flavor of the fruit should shine through in every bite.

-John Brand, English antiquarian and Church of England clergyman ca 1780

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What's In A Name

The name for our collection of small batch, all-natural and low sugar jams came about, as all good things do, in the wee morning hours when least expected. The name immediately resonated with us and it’s now the inspiration for our tiny little jam company, providing us with endless joy and seriously good eats.                From our kitchen to your pantry, enjoy!

Tanya Seibold, Chief Jammer and Jar Washer

Jams, Jellies, Preserves,
Pastes, and Marmalades 

We've put together a handy primer below on the variations of jam so that as you're shopping for a fruit-based spread with us, your taste buds will know exactly what to expect. 

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